Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Lately I have been doubling, sometimes even tripling the number of lemons in our daily juice.
Let me tell ya, that zing of flavour in the morning is enough to wake anyone up… even Troy.

Some other amazing/surprising benefits include:
-         Cure for acne- both by ingesting as well as by using topically
-         Helps alleviate anxiety and is believed to enhance concentration
-         Antibacterial and Antiviral properties make lemons a natural cure for cold and canker sores- just swish it around in your mouth
-         High levels of Vitamin C in lemons make it a go-to for those suffering from the flu or fever
-         Lemon juice is a natural breath freshener
-         The relaxing scent of lemons has also been shown to help with insomnia

This Morning’s Juice:
-         ½ bunch of kale
-         4 carrots
-         1 apple
-         ¼ stalk of ginger
-         8 stalks of celery
-         3 lemons


Monday, April 22, 2013

Healthy Reminder

This may seem weird, but I really like Mondays… I love any kind of fresh start, where the mistakes of the weekend can be wiped clean by a new plan at the beginning of the week.

It’s easy to get caught up in feeling bad or down on yourself when you “slip” on the otherwise healthy patterns you consistently maintain, and for myself, it takes a lot of reminding to focus on all the amazing and healthy things I do for my body every day, rather than dwelling on the things that maybe aren’t so great. This is human nature and so a new practice of mine if to remind myself of five good things when I am having those guilty feelings… which I really need to let go of period, and that will come too.

Here are just 5 things I did this weekend that I can feel proud of:
1-     2.5 hours on my bike in the beautiful sunshine on Saturday
2-     Double juice intake on Saturday
3-     An hour and fifteen minute run on Sunday
4-     8 hours of sleep every night (Friday, Saturday and Sunday- so necessary)
5-     Stretched properly after Sunday run

What five things can you be proud of in the name of your health?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tough Mudder Training

If you are looking to shake up your fitness routine and challenge yourself physically, allow me to introduce to you to the Tough Mudder Race Series.

This grueling race happens all over the world, and includes the epic Whistler, BC on June 22nd and 23rd. If you are intrigued, Groundwork Athletics is offering an awesome program for a great price to get you "mudder ready"! 
It's a workout that won't only get you ready for one of the self proclaimed "toughest races on the planet," but will also have you looking amazing all summer long!

The Details:
Join the GWA Tough Mudder training group and receive Tough Mudder Training!

  •     12 Group Training sessions @ GWA.  See website for times (15 total)
  •     10 trainer led outdoor Tough Mudder style workouts: These will take place on Sunday’s at various locations around Vancouver.
  •      2x /week self-directed running program provided by GWA (they prescribe the workout, you do the work. Too easy). 
  •      A  GWA Tough Mudder T-shirt
Cost $500

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Workout

Today's workout was a doozy! Here is one section of it that you can do in 13.5 Minutes:

1- 45 sec. Bosu Power Overs
2- 30 sec. High Knees
3- 45 sec. 2 Power Jack to 1 Burpee
4- 30 sec. High Knees
5- 45 sec. Bridge Hip Taps
6- 30 sec. High Knees
7- 45 sec. Split Jumps

Repeat 3 Times.

Breakfast following was the latest Overnight Oats creation:
1/4 cup of Gluten Free Oats
1 tbs Chia Seeds
1/3 Cup each of cashews, walnuts and cranberries
1/2 tbs peanut butter
Almond Milk
... probably 500 calories in here, so make sure you are earning this little number :)
My picture wouldn't work so used one that sort of looks like mine... I also had a Starbucks Americano.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Growing up I always remember coming down for breakfast in the morning to the sight of an empty glass of my Mom’s Apple Cider Vinegar.
At the time I couldn’t get within a couple of feet from that abandoned glass without gagging, as the strong smell of vinegar was overpowering for my young senses J

Fast forward 15 years and here I am regularly drinking ACV, and actually enjoying it. The key is to add about a tablespoon to a cup of water and dilute it so that your tastebuds have some time to adapt. I like to keep a bottle at work and pour a glass after lunch to sip on throughout the afternoon. At home I have just started using it in salad dressing (in place of balsamic vinegar)... and am really not noticing much of a difference tastewise.

Here are the Top 20 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar:
- Wards of flu
- Dissolves kidney stones
- Detoxifies the body
- Regulates pH in the body
- Aids with nausea
- Relieves heartburn
- Relieves allergies
- Lowers glucose levels in diabetics
- Natural appetite suppressant
- Helps relieve migraines
- Helps relieve sinus pressure and infection
- Lowers blood pressure
- Lowers cholesterol
- Kills cancer cells or slows their growth
- Reduces inflammation to relieve arthritis
- Get rid of buildup on scalp
- Kills toe and nail fungus
- Soothes bug bites
- Gets rid of warts
- Clears skin

***Cue the phone call from my Mom... another thing you are right about! I know Mother!!!  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Post Spin Fuel

Spin this morning was a real killer... one hour probably burns about 700 calories so I am always STARVING afterwards. For breakfast I had Green Smoothie and an Americano from Bucks...

(1/2 cup Almond milk, 1/2 cup water, handful spinach, 1 banana, 1 tbsp Vega Omega 3s, 1 Scoop Vega Nautral Protein Powder and a dollop of penaut butter)

2 hours later I was still hungry so ate my pre-made Steel Cut Overnight Oats:

(1/4 cup uncooked Steel cut oats, 1/2 cup Almond Milk, 1 tbsp Chia Seeds, Pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and raisins)

How did you fuel up today?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Motivation Monday

The Easter long weekend was a perfect mix of some beautiful, sunny runs around the seawall, sweaty morning yoga, and a few easy loops around Stanley Park on my bike (the first outdoor ride since Ironman!)
Paired with the excessive chocolate and wine consumption, I'd say I came out about even.
Have a great week.