Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don't Be D-Deficient

My Mom has been telling me for years to take Vitamin D as a supplement, and more and more I am reading about the benefits of this "super vitamin." As essentially every tissue in your body needs Vitamin D, it is necessary to ensure you are ingesting at least 1000-2000 units/day.

What it does:
- Strengthens your immune system to ward off Auto Immune Diseases such as Lupus and MS.
- Regulates cell growth to cut the risk of colorectal and breast cancer.
- Regulates mood. Although researchers are not sure how, it is shown that women with lower levels of D are twice as likely to suffer from depression.
- Regulates blood pressure thereby lowering your risk for heart disease.

8 Glasses/Day.

Because it's not always easy getting those 8 glasses into me everyday, I decided to spice up my water by adding 1 part each of Water: Coconut Water... Not only does it taste really good, there are a ton of other benefits found in this tropical nut:

Cools your body down and rehydrates faster and more efficiently than water/ Carries nutrients and oxygen to cells/ Raises your metabolism/Detoxifies your body and fights viruses/ Aids in digestion/ Has more potassium than a banana/Boosts circulation/ Balances your body's pH and reduces the risk of cancer...

...oh yeah, and Gisele Bundchen drinks it- case closed:)

Killer Countdown!

50 High Knees
(Keep your chest up and your core tight)

40 Squats
(Chest up, core tight and keep your knees behind your toes by pressing back into your heels)
30 Mountain Climbers
(Bum down and spine neutral)

20 Commando Pushups
(Start lying face down on the floor with your hands on either side of your shoulder. Engage your core and push yourself up so that your arms are straight- drive one knee into your chest and the extend back. Lower yourself back down to the floor. Repeat 10 times/side. )

10 Seconds Rest

***Repeat this series 3-5 times***


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